Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom



Oh how true this is.

This week I changed my 'major' (are they still called that in grad school?) for the... fifth(?) time.
As we (the two guys I work with, etc.) started our old program, we were absolutely miserable.
It wasn't entirely what we expected, and definitely not what we loved.
We didn't fit in.
People didn't understand what we did or what we want to do.
We dealt with a lot of blank stares and silent judgement.
We weren't HAPPY.

As we toyed with the possibility of changing the plan, we were reminded that happiness is the biggest factor.
By just its name, maybe this new program won't seem as "legit," but it's us. It's a better fit.

We were lucky enough that they let us switch over mid-semester - classes and everything.
As we walked into the new class Monday night, it was an immediate confirmation of making the right decision.
People were excited to see us. They were people we already knew.
I took more notes in the first 45 minutes of that class than I had in 4 weeks of one of the old ones.
I had forgotten what it was like to actually enjoy being in school.

I am back to doing what makes me HAPPY.
Best feeling ever.

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