Monday, December 10, 2012

Ordinary Miracles

"Spectrum magic will forever have a new meaning." (source)

(photos all from various news/Facebook pages - not mine)

You guys, this boy is incredible. 

A mere four days ago (well five now. I started this Saturday night), Danny's heart stopped. He stopped breathing and in all manner of speaking, died for a few seconds. 

By the quick thinking and incredible talent of our training staff, the team manager and the doctors at both Logan Regional Hospital and Intermountain Medical Center, he is alive and well. 

Four days ago, this boy was lying in a bed in the ICU. 
Tonight, he was at a basketball game. 
It will take time, but he will play again. 
He was told that of anyone involved with the team, he is the least likely to have heart problems again.

Four. Days. You guys. 

The moment Danny walked through the tunnel at the Spectrum was a moment I will never forget. 
As he stood on the floor, the entire stadium stood in applause. 
While we clapped, I cried. 
As I write, I cry. 

This week was a very long one for all of us involved. 
It was exhausting and completely draining, both physically and emotionally. 

It was a week that absolutely changed my life. 

As our entire community, plus others, came together in support of this kid. 
Prayers were said, letters were sent, friends were there. 
I've never seen or been a part of something so incredible. 

There's no doubt about it, this recovery was a miracle. 
Prayers were answered. 
It's real. 

These are never things I doubted, but to have it all confirmed through a situation like this is incredible. 

Four. Days. 
To have that kind of turnaround still completely blows my mind.
And completely builds my faith and testimony. 

ps, if you haven't read THIS article, drop everything and do it right now. 

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