Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Favorite Weekend

I just really, really love General Conference.
At the end of the two days, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
It reminds me of the good in the world and that everything will be alright.
It renews my faith, hope and confidence in myself and the decisions I make.
It reassures me that my Heavenly Father is always there and that His love is perfect and endless.

I get all gooey and chilled inside when I think about the future and the Conferences in it.
I'm so excited to create Conference traditions and memories with my little family.
I can't wait to have a fun night with my girls as we send the boys off to Priesthood.
I look forward to those days and having my own family to raise to love this weekend and this gospel.

Now, I tear up thinking of my future husband, whoever and wherever he may be.
I hope and pray that he's sitting in a chapel somewhere, watching the Priesthood session.
There, whether it's direct words or more subliminal, he's preparing to become a husband and father.
I can't wait to have that constant presence so close in my life.
I pray continually for him as we get closer to finding each other.
I pray that we are using the time it takes to get there to better ourselves and are doing what we need to be doing to create that life together.

After tomorrow, it's another six months of time to get back on track in areas that may be lacking. It's time to re-watch and re-read my favorite talks or the ones that may hold something I missed.
Time to continue to grow and prepare for whatever may lie ahead.

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