Friday, January 30, 2009

Simple Joys

There were so many little things that made me so randomly happy today that I decided to document them. :)
*on my way home today I was walking along and there was a happy old grandpa walking in the other direction. And we said hi to each other.
*just after the happy old man, a truck drove by with a horse trailer. In the trailer were 2 horses and instead of spreading out and using the whole trailer they were cuddled together.
*in choir, we're singing a song in French. I forget how much I loved French.
*there's a boy that I really like and I got to talk to him today. :)
*the sun was out today!
*we're having a roommate movie and pizza night! (well it started as roommates, but it turned into only two of us.)
*the snow is melting so there's mud and puddles everywhere! Fun!
*on Fridays, Diet Coke refills are only 35 cents at the Quickstop.
*I was late to a class and I didn't care :)
*in that class that I was late to, we're currently learning about the Harlem Renaissance and jazz. So today we watched a movie about jazz music.
*we went to Walmart
*it was crazy busy, but so fun!
*while we were wandering we got separated and just as I pushed the 'send' button to call Amy to find them, my phone vibrated and it was Amy calling me!!!
*I love the bread aisle at grocery stores. It smells so good!
*Amy and I bought fruit snacks. She bought a box that are in the shape of the various pieces of the game Operation, and I bought ones that are from the movie Cars, and we're going to split them. :)
*we had so much fun waiting in line! They were long and the machines were all freezing up so it took FOREVER but we loved it! We couldn't stop laughing!


  1. you are such a randomly happy person! I love it!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments! And I love your blog. And I love this post. I love that so many simple things make you happy, I can totally relate.
    I am so glad that you are having such an awesome time up there at school. I love Logan! It's so beautiful. There is a couple that live in Wellsville and they work at the Logan temple, I love to visit them up there.
    And I am happy about my new calling. I hope that the girls are happy about the change. Sis. Boyack was in there for quite a while, and change is always hard.
    Emily is so cute in there, she is so sweet and good!
    Did Bracken tell you about Tyler's party they had on Sat. ? They came to our house and had to do Japanese stuff, I think Bracken was doing oragami the whole time, but some of the food they had to eat was not so good.
    I will also get to work with your dad in my new calling, so that will be fun too.
    Well, this post is long enough. Keep having a balst up there!!

  3. haha i love your happy random moments! :D


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