Sunday, September 13, 2009

Highlights of the Week

So I don't have long, but here are the highlights of my week.

Monday- FHE! I hadn't been in quite awhile, always had a bunch of stuff going on, but I finally got to go. It was pretty low-key, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, played kickball, played on the swings, all sorts of good stuff!

Tuesday- I just love Tuesdays! Tuesday nights are my big busy night. I come home for an hour or so after classes and work, and then it's back up to campus for meetings. I'm in meetings from 6 to 10, and I love it! I love being involved and all the people I get to be with for those hours. It's so great!

Wednesday- KEITH URBAN! 'Nuff said there :)

Thursday- I got ahold of season 5 of The Office :) I just got in to the show this summer, so have been trying frantically to get caught up. Season 6 starts on Thursday! I'm on the last disc of season 5, so I should be done tonight and set for Thursday!

Friday- Spaghetti Night! I owed two of my friends dinner, and our new friend 'Brad Pillow' came along. We took him on a photo adventure to the mall... Never a dull moment when Faf, Jake, and Sean are around!

Saturday- Peach Days! I love Peach Days. I've been going pretty much every year of my entire life. I love Brigham City and I love it. All of it. We did all the typical Peach Days stuff and then went and watched our friend Erik play softball. He did great! After that, we went and raided my grandpa's garden for peaches and grapes. The best ever!

Sunday- I love Sundays. Today was great! I was at the church for like 7 hours, but it was awesome! After church we ran home for 45 minutes to eat, but then we had to go back for an Activities Committee meeting, then the CES Fireside, and then ward prayer. The fireside was awesome! If you didn't get to see it, you should watch it online when it comes out. Sister Dalton's incredible. I loved that we got to listen to her because now that we're not in YW anymore, we hardly ever get to hear her! It was so great!! (oh, and the start of the NFL season was great today too! Bummer for my Cardinals, but way to go Cowboys!)

So that's my week... and there's tons to look forward to this week. We decided last night that we're going to go to the Brad Paisley concert on Saturday! Also, just FYI there's only 47 days until basketball starts :)

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