Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Day :)

More than anything else, I hate being not good at something. I can handle mediocre on occasion, but being below that is not ok with me.
More than that though, I love being good at something, especially if someone notices it and tells me.
Today in my newswriting class we were working on a story. My professor was standing behind me, reading over my shoulder.
I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to him. He says "you're really good at this, you know that?" No, I didn't know that. I knew I love it, but I had my doubts at my talent of it.
At the end of class, he told me I should look into working for The Statesman, our campus newspaper.
Thank you, Jay Wamsley, for making my day. Thank you for the confidence you gave me. Thank you for giving me another assurance that I'm finally doing what I need to be doing.

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  1. Hi cute Megan! thanks for your comment! I love to find fellow bloggers:)


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