Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Title Necessary

Today was just a good day! Here's why:
*got to sleep in because it was Friday
*picked up my sideline pass for the football game tomorrow
*only went to one class
*SAA scholarship luncheon
*Statesman (our school paper) "interview" (I'm now writing for the school paper!)
*button making with Lee Cannon
*found out I got and 87% on a test I most definitely did not feel ready for
*rolling with the Spectrum on Wheels
*beating Weber State 66-60 for the first real game of the season
*dance party in the Weber State parking lot
*finding things to make fun of Jenni about
*meeting fellow (attractive male) Aggies at Wendy's
*toll roads, "cities," Reese's Pieces
*laughing hysterically the whole way back to Logan
*having a great night with my Aggies and three of the greatest girls ever!!


  1. "it's not a city, there's not even any water there"


    hahaha we need to throw some of that stuff on the quote wall.

    "take this corner wide. wide. wider. wider!! oh man you missed it!!!" hahaha

  2. I am so glad I was made mention in your bblog post! I loved making buttons! What a great place to chat and love life!



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