Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Little Things

Here are a few things I want to talk about, but things that don't warrant a whole post just for them. They're more like tidbit blog posts.

-I HATE when people only seem to talk to you if they have something to whine or complain about. I don't mind a little venting (clearly) every once in awhile, but please people, have a positive conversation every once in awhile!

-I'm slightly annoyed at Facebook and some of the things that come with the new privacy settings. I used to leave open the chat windows of people I'd be having an ongoing conversation with or the windows of people I just enjoyed talking to. That way I would know when they were online or not, it made it much easier. But now, any time you close Facebook, it closes those windows. Even worse, a lot of times it closes those windows when you refresh the page, whether they're online or not!

-I have a new love of Grey's Anatomy. Anyone own the seasons? Because I can't really find them online... A few episodes are on Youtube, but most the other websites require you to sign up for something or another, or register, or whatever. I don't want to give them all that info when I'm sure I can find it elsewhere. I finally found a website that has them all, however, you can only watch 72 minutes at a time unless you sign up.

-I miss basketball. There's a tournament going on in Logan right now and I'm missing it. I don't miss games. This is so hard for me! Luckily, almost all our games are shown online now, but it's not the same. My family looks at me funny when I sing and cheer right along with everyone.

-I love Christmas cookies.

-Boys are frustrating.

-I wish I could just have it all figured out. I feel like there's a lot ahead of me this coming year with one best friend getting married and the other best friend leaving the country for a whole semester... I feel like there's a reason they're both going to be semi-gone and I want to know why. I just want to have my life laid out for me and know what's coming and how to handle it.

-I hate money. It's so hard to be surviving on my own. Life is expensive. School costs too much and so does living. Can't it all be free?

-I'm slightly sick and I hate it. It's just a cold/cough/whatever that I deal with every year, usually multiple times, but right now it's just annoying. It's my break. I want to be perky and healthy and having fun.

-I realized most of these sound a little complain-y, but oh well. Sometimes we all just a need a little time to vent right? :) Thanks for listening.

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  1. umm hi I love that now that your home your blogging more :)


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