Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wrote another story for the school paper today and I was thrilled that it made front page again. Click here to read it.
I love it.
I love writing. I love walking past people and seeing them read my article. They have no idea it's me. I love getting texts from my friends telling me they read it and loved it before I've even seen it.
Also. Lady Antebellum's new cd came out yesterday. I love them. This my new favorite song. So far... I don't have the rest of the album yet because my computer is currently out of commission.


  1. You should write an article about us... only make us sound cool.

  2. secretly, even though it was mostly just because you happen to be my roommate, i loved being called "media star" this last week.

    you should write an article about telescopes! bahaha


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