Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Current Thoughts...

I'm sitting in the Spectrum listening to practice...
I have a Dr. Pepper and Coconut M&Ms...
I have the new Angels & Airwaves album playing...
Life is good.

On my way here from work, people were very happy and friendly. In just the 10 minutes I was walking around, five or six random people who were also walking would smile, say hi, or start a quick conversation.
A couple of them were people who looked familiar, maybe I know them? Or maybe they're just happy friendly people.

Why is it always the married guys who are super cute and flirty? There's a guy who works on campus in a place I frequent quite often. I encounter him almost daily. He's attractive and a bit flirty... However, he's married. Not only does he have a ring, he's talked about it. There's no doubt. It's quite unfortunate though.

I found out today that if I make office, I won't be able to write for the school paper anymore... Apparently it's a conflict of interest. It makes sense, but doesn't at the same time. If I do win, I'll be super excited and I'm sure I'll be too busy to write much anyway, but still... Kind of disappointing. However, if I don't win, I apparently have a lot of people confident in me and loving my writing. One of my professors, the adviser of the paper, has told me he can see me running the paper in a couple years, so maybe I have that option...

Sorry for the rambling randomness... Those are just the thoughts going on in my head and I needed to share them with someone.

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  1. Cute background, Megan.

    My guess is when someone is "taken" they seem to have that glow that makes them attractive. It's like when a girl has a guy, other guys come out of the woodwork.

    Too bad you won't be able to keep writing for the paper. Well, it'll still be there when you get back.


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