Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Music Makes the Show...

I love movies.
More than movies though, I love movies with incredible soundtracks.
They MAKE the movie sometimes.
One of my favorites is Mr. Holland's Opus.

It's not just the scenes featuring music.
Throughout the movie, you have everything from Gershwin to John Lennon to Bach playing.
They make a fabulous movie even better.

Another great one is Forrest Gump.
As the movie progresses through history, so does the music.
It leads us through the times, reminds us of the past.

I love Moulin Rouge.
It incorporates classic songs and makes them relevant to the movie.

Any movie with John Williams' music is automatically epic.

I love when movies introduce me to new music.

Without "Love Happens," I never would have known about Rogue Wave.

Music adds emotion. It has power. Real power.

My life would not be complete without music.

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