Monday, February 22, 2010

That Just Happened....

I get out of the car...

I hear a small crash...

Instantly I knew my phone had fallen, but I thought it was just on the ground, under the car...

"Oh shoot... that just happened," I hear...

I look down.

There it is.

In the storm drain.


How on earth does a phone fall into a storm drain?

How on earth do you get one out?

Call campus police. Who transfer you to the city. Who transfer you to Public Works.

But of COURSE Public Works had to close 15 minutes earlier so to have their help would mean waiting until morning.

Why would I let my phone stay in a STORM drain overnight? Not happening.

Next best option?

You have to go door to door in a building that you don't know anyone asking for salad tongs.

Eventually, the cute boy will have them.

Then you grab your phone.

Like you're fishing.

Yep. My life is epic.


  1. You don't carry salad tongs with you? Learned your lesson didn't you. Lol I love your random stories.


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