Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beyond EPIC

Hey girls-

Remember these boys??

Maybe as a more collective group...?

Well, tonight Erin and I will be seeing them LIVE!

Yep. You heard (read?) that right!

I was friends with Energy Solutions Arena on Facebook from entering another concert contest they had, and yesterday their status said that if you sent them a message, you would be entered in a drawing to win tickets for tonight's show. ESA has 1,500 friends, so when I entered, I thought nothing of it. Then today I got a message from them saying I'd won!!

We were already planning on going to Bear Lake today, but that will just have to wait!

Backstreet's back... Alright!!


  1. the BSB were totally my first concert ever... I hope they are still as epic as they were back in 2002...

  2. bahahaha. i love that you went.

  3. Hey Megan - just found you and smiled all through your posts ... you're a little cutie.
    Have a great weekend.


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