Monday, September 13, 2010


Yes, I know hate is a strong word... But here are some things I'm kind of hating right now...

I hate
that my one professor is not at all sympathetic.
No where in the course description did it say how much outside of class work would be involved.
We have to cover one of the cities in the valley. City council meetings, festivals, etc.
Sounds fun right?
Well when you are already super busy in the evenings...
And when you don't have a car, or people willing to relinquish their car for two evenings a month...
It makes it a lot less fun.
And we have field trips.
Lots of them.
During class time.
Guess what, lady? We all have class right after yours...
And she doesn't seem to understand the predicament.

I hate
that this whole relationship thing terrifies me.
I'm new at this.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I go in phases.
All the time.
I think it's going too fast.
But it's fun.
We have a good time.
I love being able to say "yes, I'm dating someone."
At the same time, being completely committed to one person kind of makes me anxious.
But maybe because it's still so new?
Dad says to be patient.
It will all work out.

I hate
that I never see my best friend anymore.
We don't live in the same house.
We're both super busy.
We both have boys.
There are times I have things to tell her, but texting won't do it justice.
But by the time I see her, it's irrelevant or I've forgotten what it was.

I hate
that I don't have cable.
It's not like I'm home that often, but I miss Sports Center and football games.
And all my shows that will be starting back up in the next couple of weeks.

I hate
that I hate all of this.

I hate
that I'm already so stressed out.

I'm hoping this is just one of those Monday kind of moods... The gym usually makes me feel better, at least clears my mind. I think I'll go there now. Thanks for letting me vent.

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