Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goal: To Change the World

I love documentaries.
I could watch History, Discovery, and National Geographic channels for hours. 
In fact, I do.
Well, did when I had TV. Now I have to watch them on Netflix.

However, there are times that my documentary watching can become a problem. 
Every time I watch one, it makes me want to change the world.
We have it so lucky here, and if there's anything I can do, why am I not?

Last night I watched China's Lost Girls. It is a National Geographic special with Lisa Ling (who I LOVE!)
It talks about the "population control" system in China.
There are so many little girls who are abandoned, placed for adoption, or in the worst case aborted.
If they fight hard enough, and pay enough money, Chinese parents can keep their second child. But because it is so much and so hard, most of them don't do it. They have their first, hope it's a boy, and call it good.

The problem is that once this generation grows up and at the age to get married, the boys are going to have a hard time. In 2005, when this show was made, the current generation had 12 percent more boys than girls growing up. When they're old enough to get married, there aren't going to be enough girls to go around. That will leave men without wives, without children, and therefore won't be carrying on the family name which is one of the main points of the Chinese focusing on having male children.

My save the world goal from watching this?
Adopt a Chinese baby girl.
This documentary featured a lot of families on their way to China to adopt baby girls.
It was so sweet!

I loved this. You should probably watch it. 


  1. I used to love the History Channel before they got all commercialized and now I only ever see stupid croc and bug hunting shows.

  2. I watched this last night and loved it too! Thanks for suggesting it!


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