Friday, October 22, 2010

Sometimes I really love working at catering.
Ok most the time.

My favorite events we do are the ones at President Albrecht's house.
It is a BEAUTIFUL home and the events are always attended by important people.
Because of the location and the guests, it is all our nicest food and dishes.
We walk around serving wine and sparkling cider and feeling all legit.
President Albrecht is really nice and wonderful to work for.
All the people who usually come to his house are important to the university and have usually donated a lot of money.
It's events like these, along with other ones hosted by the president that make me want to grow up and be like them.
I want to be in the Old Main Society one day.
To become a member of Old Main Society, you have to donate at least $25,000 to the university.
No big deal right?

But really.
I have gotten so much from being here.
Coming to USU was the best thing I ever did.
And I never could have done it if it weren't for the money and experiences I've been given.
The least I can do is give back right?

One day I will be a part of the Old Main Society.
Then I will be attending events at the president's home.
Not just working at them.

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  1. Megan, I believe you can do that. Seriously. Except that You'll be a journalist, and we don't make huge money...
    But I think you'll make it big, and get big money. So ya. There's not really a point to this, but there you go.


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