Monday, October 25, 2010

One Year Older

To most people, October 25 doesn't really mean anything.
But anytime anyone says it or talks about the day, I get really excited.
October 25 is a great day.
Birthdays are great days.
Probably my favorite day of the year, actually.

Today has been fantastic.
I have awesome friends.
Mother Nature gave me snow unfortunately, but oh well.
The (attractive) missionaries stopped by. They sang to me.
With their Australian and Slovenian accents, yes please!

The ward planned my birthday party for me.
Ok, so maybe it just so happened that my birthday is on a Monday and Monday equals FHE.
But we're going to the corn maze.
And then people are coming over for cake.
I love cake!

The whole 21 thing is interesting...
It's not like I'm really going to go out and do the things you can do with the age...
Minus the Fun Bus to Wendover, that is...
But there's just something about it.
I feel like this is the legit adult age, more so than 18.
I feel like I'm expected to actually grow up or something.

I'll tell you one thing though, I have officially accomplished my goal of not being married until after I was 21!


  1. YAY!! Happy Birthday Megan! Let me know how the Fun Bus is....I kinda want to do that for my upcoming birthday celebration as well! I hope you had the best day!

  2. snow is the best birthday present, in my opinion.

    then again, you're from tucson. so i can see where you'd be a little unhappy about it. :) happy birthday! (like, five days ago)


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