Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aggie Pride

Last night I attended the USU Alumni Hall of Honor dinner.
I love these things.
I love that I'm in positions and a part of organizations that allow me opportunities to go to things like this.

This dinner was honoring this years inductees into the Alumni Hall of Honor.
These are people who have donated their time, their money, and their efforts in giving back to USU.

"How can you possibly give back enough 
to a place like this?"
-Lynn Sessions, one of the inductees

The inductees were two older couples and another lady who still qualifies as "young alumni."
It's people like her that make me excited for the future and motivate me. 
I really do want to stay a part of USU forever.
Ideally, I want my career to be here.
I will have season tickets for football and basketball.
I will be a part of the Big Blue Scholarship Fund, and eventually, the Old Main Society.
I want my kids to be the ones we see doing the Scotsman from the time they can move their arms up and down. 

I love Utah State. That's no secret.
"I will never regret my decision
 to attend Utah State."
-Sydnee Hansen
Being at USU has opened so many doors for me and completely changed my life.
I have grown and learned so much about myself in the 2+ years I've been here, and I know there is even more ahead. 
I love being an Aggie. 

This last week, Anne Garrels, an NPR reporter, was on campus for a JCOM seminar series. 

"This is my first time on this campus,
but in just this short time here,
I can tell there's something special about it."



  1. Oh my goodness Megan. That NPR lady had it totally right. There is something so special and so unique about Utah State. I didn't even really realize it until I left...

  2. Sure...I'll shed a tear over this one. Because, i am a Mom who has a kid waving her arms to The Scotsman.


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