Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sometimes I go for walks.
Sometimes those walks are late at night/early in the morning.
It's even better if it's snowing or raining.

I walk to the voices of James Taylor and Carole King.

Sometimes I find myself in the cemetery. 

The rain hits my face, mixing with the tears, making it impossible to tell which belong to the sky and which are mine.

And then I come around a corner...

And see things that remind me it will all be ok.

I read this every time...

because this man is an inspiration.

I walk.
Sometimes for an hour and a half.

I think of the things I wish were different.
The things I want to stay the same.
The things I regret and the things I hope for.
The things and people I miss.

I think. I cry. I pray. I learn. 
I can't wait for next time.

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