Monday, December 27, 2010

Reminiscence Part 1

Ok so that whole decade challenge thing turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. But being home this week has led me to a lot of memories and thinking about the past few years. I've decided to combine most of the rest in this post, using the things I've found in my old bedroom.

I put these babies on for the first time in a few years the other night...

 (p.s, did y'all know I did the whole dance thing? Yep, 10 years of my life of ballet, jazz and tap!)

My feet have grown a bit.
My ankles aren't nearly as strong as they used to be. 
But putting on these shoes took me back to those years...

I started dancing when I was three and continued until the end of 6th grade. 
My years spent in Nanette's basement were incredible. 
I made some amazing friends.
(all of whom are married/engaged now... weird...)
It was a way to stay in shape, feel pretty and graceful, and have a good time. 

Nanette was a sort of second mother to all of us.
There were about an average of 50 girls who came through her studio each year, but she loved each of us as if we were her own daughters.
Every other year our Christmas performance was based off the Nativity. 
Each age group portrayed a portion of the famous scene:
lambs, cows, shepherds & wisemen, angels, and of course Mary

The first year Lisa  and I were en pointe, we got to do a duet as the Angel(s) Gabriel. 
It was magical. 

I miss those years.
When we were dancing, we were carefree and loving it.

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