Thursday, December 9, 2010

Studying, writing papers, everything that comes with the week before finals. 
At the same time, I've been watching Gilmore Girls.
The episode of Rory's graduation just ended, and every time I watch it, her valedictorian speech makes me cry...
It fits my life so well.

"My mother never gave me any idea that I couldn't do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be. 
She filled our house with love and fun and books and music, 
unflagging in her efforts to give me role models from Jane Austen to Eudora Welty to Patti Smith Laura Ingalls Wilder to Donny Osmond to Gordon B. Hinckley. 
As she guided me through these incredible 18 21 years, 

I don't know if she ever realized that the person
I most wanted to be was her

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