Friday, May 13, 2011

Bipolar Days...

Oh man, it's been a long week...
I thought summer was when things were supposed to get non-stressful?
Finals finally ended (the hardest finals week of my life, mind you) and I thought I was home free.
Apparently I was wrong.

I got an email from a professor on Monday morning telling me someone had told her I was cheating on my final.
Why on Earth would I do that?
So on Wednesday I had to go in and talk to her and the department head and plead my case, so to speak.
I get there and she tells me exactly what the email said.
She said one of the people said I had my notes spread out on the chair next to me, using them the entire time.
Ok, if I wanted to get caught cheating, yeah, that's how I'd do it.
But really?
My notes (just 3x5 cards) were in the bottom of my purse, happy as can be.
I had reached into my bag a couple times for chapstick and a new pen, but nothing else.

Since my AP tests in high school, I had never studied for a test as hard as I studied for this one.
I felt great about it going in, and felt great coming out.
There was one question I left blank because I didn't know the answer, not even enough to BS and answer.
It as a 10 POINT question!
A smart cheater purposely misses some questions, but they pick the little 2 point, multiple choice ones.
Not a question worth 10 points.
If I were cheating, I would have used that and answered that question.

Final result is that I have to take the final again.
But not the same final, a new one.
I'm terrified she's going to make it harder than the original.
But here's the plan.
I rock it. Knock it out of the park. Ace it.
And leave them in my dust.

Oh! And my computer charger died.
Which means my computer is perma-dead.
That's cool.
Not like I have a test to study for or anything.
And I threw my notes away, so need info from online again.
But it's summer, so I can't use the campus computer labs. And the library closes at 5. Right when I get off work.
Don't worry though. I ordered a new charger. Hopefully it will be here today.

I checked my final grades today, and somehow seem to have failed a class?
Not sure how that happened...
I guess there's a first for everything?
But I emailed the professor asking for an explanation and for him to make sure it wasn't a mistake.
I'm super confused. How do you fail a class when you didn't fail any tests or anything?

But here are the good things.

My best friend is getting married tomorrow.
And I have an awesome new dress to wear for it.
Now that school's over I can read real books again. And work on my PROJECT.
My job rocks.
I have an incredible view from my work window. (this is when I would post a picture, but this computer doesn't have a memory card port thing.)
The weather is absolutely gorgeous today.
"drinks" and chips & salsa with Hailey tonight.
Arizona in a week.
Nashville in August. (super stoked on this one.)

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