Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Future

I love Conference weekend.
This time around though, I got a little excited about the whole future thing.

I had this little vision... (nothing crazy - no angels or anything, just one of those "ooh.. that's what it will be like" moments)

I pictured me and my super-cute husband sitting on the couch in our cute starter home, covered in fall decorations.
Our sweet, though mildly rambunctious kidlets are finally settled down coloring the squares of Conference BINGO, because they don't have the patience to just play the game.
Saturday night, the boy goes off to Priesthood session with his friends while I clean the house, play with the kids and get the cinnamon roll dough ready for the next morning.
Between Sunday sessions we bust out whatever our Conference tradition meal will be (that's of course to be determined when I have more details... haha)

Life will be sweet and wonderful.
We'll have the gospel and our family :)

Now, I know, I know, life isn't always going to go that beautifully.
But oh well.
It can happen if we work at it and it can be wonderful.

Today, I'm not scared to grow up.

(up next, why I'm scared to death of turning 22 in 22 days...)

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