Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Because I am Female

This is me not focusing.
I should be writing
or at least transcribing quotes.
But I don't really want to.
Or I get through a paragraph and get distracted again.

So instead, here is a post inspired by an action and a conversation from this evening.

I am a woman. No question there.
I've come to the conclusion that as women, there are certain
we may feel entitled to.

We are going to read WAY too far into things you
do or say or don't do or say.

We are going to make hasty decisions.
Ones that we may later regret.

We are going to expect you to read our minds and react accordingly.

You should know what we really mean when we say "I'm fine."
don't worry, there are multiple definitions

We're going to overthink
and overreact.

When we fall,
we fall hard.

Everyone else can tell how we feel about you,
so what's your problem?
Why can't you see it and do something about it?

We get emotional about anything and everything.
And we promise, you don't want us to try and explain why.
Even we don't understand it.

We multitask.
You may not feel like we're paying attention,
but oh, we are.

We notice the little things.
When you open the door, bring a favorite treat, smell good.
We notice.

Women talk.
Oh, do we talk.
That text we sent? It probably involved three of us to make it perfect.
We tell our friends about the things you do or don't say or do.
That way we can overanalyze it together.

Moral of the story?
Get used to it, boys.
You're not going to get away from these seemingly sociopathic behaviors.
It's just who. we. are. 
You know you love us.

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