Monday, April 16, 2012

Please Be

Be the Barney to my Robin
the Marshall to my Lily
the Ted to my... whoever he ends up with.

the Han to my Leia
the Jack to my Rose
the Joe to my Kathleen
the Jerry to my Dorothy
the Harry to my Sally
the Kermit to my Piggy
the Paul to my Holly
the Jonnny to my Baby.

Or the Luke to my Loralei
the Jim to my Pam.
The Sawyer to my Juliet
the Ross to my Rachel.

bonus points if you know all of these references

Ok, ok... It's a little far-fetched.
I know the real thing is not like the movies and tv shows.
But the thing about these ones is that they weren't always the perfect relationships.
They fought. Sometimes a lot.
But they stuck it out. Worked through it. Made it work.
Their imperfections made them better and stronger,
both individually and together.

I want that.

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