Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

These past few weeks, we have discovered the best form of entertainment around.
You ready for this?

Coach-pitch baseball.

No but really.

This is Chase.
He is my boss' kid, and one of the greatest kids you'll ever meet.
He knows more about sports/Utah State/every other school than the rest of us combined.
He's not afraid to tell Stew and Gary like it is. 
And he's a baseball champ.

He plays twice a week. 
His dad is the coach.
And it's an excuse for the rest of us to leave work early and watch his games.
We know the names of all the kids on the team. 
We get endless high-fives and autographs. 

Chase has a 4-year-old brother named Davis. 
There are very few things that bring me as much joy as these boys do. 
Davis and I are basically best friends.
We sit together at games while we share a bag of chips, talk about his day (today he rode horses and watched a dog eat a snake), and play catch. 

Today he decided he needed to try and hit the ball, not just catch it. 
I was actually really impressed! He hit the majority of balls I pitched to him, enjoying every second of it. 
He nailed one pitch that hit me in the thigh.
I gave him a hard time about it,
"Davis, you're not supposed to hit me, just the ball!"
His response?
"Well, you're supposed to move!!"
Valid point, sir. 

These boys have the sweetest relationship.
They make life that much sweeter. 
We only have one more week of Cardinal baseball. 
Then come fall, it's time for soccer with Davis!!

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