Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Kind of Research

I love my fountain Diet Cokes. No secret there.
The hard part is deciding where to go for it every day.
This morning as I filled up a cup, I decided it was time to figure this all out.

I will take each convenience store I frequent and score it in a variety of categories and see who the winner really is.

12th East and 14th North
Proximity: 9
On my way to work if I choose to go that way. I have to go up to that street anyway, so I generally do it earlier rather than later to stop by here.
Quality: 8
Sometimes the soda is a little flat...
Straws/Cups: 7
The long straws are wide enough, but I hate long straws. The short ones are too thin though. The cups have been... inconsistent. A lot of the time they are really thin and flimsy so don't last very long to be used for refills.
Price: 9
Just $1.06 for a 44 oz!
Customer service: 7
Seems to depend on what time I'm there. The one guy is not the happiest camper, but one of the other employees is a lot more pleasant.
Total: 40

Aggie Station
8th East and 14th North
Proximity: 10
Always on my way to work.
Quality: 7
It tends to be a little too light on the syrup and sometimes overly carbonated
Straws/Cups: 7
Price: 6
It's like $1.40-something for a 44 oz. and refills cost almost as much as a new one at other places.
Customer service: 5
The lady who works mornings is kind of a snot. She's very abrupt and coarse.
Total: 35 

4th North and Main Street
Proximity: 6
Definitely the furthest away of all the places I tend to go.
Quality: 9
They got new machines a few weeks ago, and with that came the increase in awesomeness.
Straws/Cups: 9
For one, you get the choice between a paper or plastic cup and the straws have the perfect height and width ratio.
Price: 8
$1.20ish for a 44 oz., but they do monthly deals so sometimes certain sizes/cups are cheaper.
Customer service: 9
Everyone I've encountered is very friendly and seems to enjoy being there. They remember their regulars.
Bonus points: Fresh limes, attractive male cashiers and a drive-through!
Total: 44

7th North and Main Street
Proximity: 7
Quality: 10
Seriously, you can't beat McDonald's Diet Coke.
Straws/Cups: 8
If it were just the straws, this section would get a full 10. The downfall comes from the fact that the biggest you can go is a 32 oz.
Price: 10
$1 baby! You can't beat that.
Customer service: 6
It's McDonald's. Let's be real. It's full of teenage kids and other people who really have no desire to be there. However, because of that, you're through the line real quick
Total: 41

Proximity: 10
Right on campus
Quality: 6
Always flat and sometimes too syrup-y
Straws/Cups: 7
They only have paper cups, so they aren't as durable. The straws are the perfect height, but too narrow.
Price: 7
$1.35 for a new 44 oz., but refills are 90 cents, and on Friday, new ones are just 60 cents.
Customer service: 8
I'm friends with a lot of the people who work there, and they get to know their regular customers. However, there have been times I feel like I've had to wait an unnecessarily long time to check out. 
Total: 38

And there you have it. Cold, hard facts. You can't argue with this kind of science.

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