Friday, May 17, 2013

A Little Fall of Rain

For the last few days, a storm has been brewing. 
The temperatures have dropped and the sun has gone into hiding. 
The wind has been blowing, clouds forming and welling up with water. 
This afternoon, those clouds finally broke,  letting the drops finally fall to the ground.
I drove home from work as the first sprinkles let loose.

Suddenly, water was falling from my eyes as well. 
Everything had been building up and out of nowhere, became too much. 
I was driving home to an empty apartment - devoid of people, furniture, entertainment.
I had dealt with two back-to-back phone calls, forcing further delays in moving and work. 
I was facing another weekend of nothing to do. 
From mid-August through March, my weekends are booked solid.
Because of that, by the time April rolls around I'm completely out of all social circles. Everyone has their "regulars" they hang out with, whether or not they actually have anything to do. 
People have jobs and boyfriends and roommates who don't have significant others. 
I have none of that. 

It's a short drive home, but somehow it was long enough for all those thoughts to find their way into my brain.

So here I sit, on the floor of my empty living room, watching Gilmore Girls DVDs on my computer. 
The biggest thrill of the night is the half-pint of Haagen-Daz ice cream that stands in my freezer. 

The thing is, in every rainstorm, there are bright spots. 
There are streams of sunlight, breaks in the clouds, and the sight of a rainbow if you're lucky. 
Today, this was my ray of sunshine. 

"Megan, I gots yous a fwower this morning!" 
My favorite 5-year-old had this waiting for me at my desk this afternoon. 
A few minutes after I got to work, he came running in to tell me all about it. 
Combined with the best little hugs you'll ever experience, it's hard to stay down for too long. 
As I sit here, every time I start to dwell on things or start crying again, I think of this little dandelion. 
Such a simple thing, but a bright simple thing. 

I'm off on a truly exciting trip to Walmart to stock up on cleaning supplies to tackle this empty apartment.
May as well do something productive with all this free time. 

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