Friday, May 3, 2013

Bonus Material (Like on DVDs)

A year ago, a Utah State student-athlete fell while rock climbing.
In an accident that could have killed her, she suffered multiple bone fractures in her legs and was paralyzed from the waist down.
This weekend, she will walk across the stage to receive her college diploma.

The whole story, particularly her attitude throughout the whole thing, has been an incredible thing to follow.
I got to write a story about her for work, you can read it HERE if you so desire (which I suggest you desire... I kind of like it.)

Anyway, a huge part of her story and the reason she has reacted the way she has is due to her faith and belief as a member of the LDS Church.
While Utah is predominantly LDS, I didn't feel like I should include that as a huge focus of my article.
So instead, I just wanted to share something she said here.

"The first time I remember crying in the hospital was just because I felt such an outpouring love. There was love from family members, from the university. I just felt so blessed to be alive. There’s a reason I’m not dead, a reason I’m still here. I still have work to do. My mindset was that it was going to be easier with God than without him. If I got mad and closed off, I’d just be making it harder on myself. That kept me going. I needed to remain close to my Savior and to God."

I mean, really!? How incredible is she to have that as her first realization?
We've all been through hard things, but it's so easy to let your first instinct be the negatives and "woe is me" kind of thing

In my years as a journalism student and a writer, I've talked to a lot of people.
I've done countless interviews. 
Only a couple of times though has an interview made me tear up. 
This is easily one of my favorite interviews and stories I've done. 
Let me know what you think!

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  1. Megan I love this!!! Great article. Made me tear up! What a strong girl.


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