Thursday, December 25, 2014

ghost of christmas yet to come

hey you... it's been awhile.

as i sit here, christmas winding down, i can't help but look forward to future christmases. i absolutely can't wait to do holidays as our little family. playing Santa for our littles sounds like the most magical thing. i can't wait to spoil you and them with the things that make you happy.

the baking and decorating and cooking and eating for days on end, sign me up. i want to spend the day watching movies and playing games and taking naps and enjoying our families.

it's a normal thing, I'm sure, but holidays alone are getting hard. every year i find myself saying "next year, for sure. i'm almost there." i'd sure like to believe that this time.

wherever you are, know that i think about you often. i'm excited for all these christmases yet to come!

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