Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Well Spent

Every other Tuesday I attend the River Heights City Council meeting.
(No, it is not very much like the Gilmore Girls town meetings.)
To get to these meetings, I ride the bus.
It's far enough away that the bus only stops there once every hour. 
I thought that would be a problem.
I was sure I'd just have to sit around awkwardly for 45 minutes until the meeting started.
Today, however, I discovered I was wrong.
I got of the bus and saw a most glorious sight.
Next door to the city building...

with SWINGS!
In case you've forgotten, I LOVE swings.

So I spent a half hour
watching people play tennis
and enjoying the sunshine.

The only problem was that the swinging hurt my knee.
But the good news is I'm going to the doctor for that in the morning!
So I had to pump the swing using only my right leg.
Using only one leg makes you swing crooked.
Oh well. 

I still loved every second of it. 

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