Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Different Sort of Letter

Dear Boys, 

Yes, I am writing letters to whichever one of you lucky ones is eventually going to be mine forever. However, the past couple of days, I have been having less-than-romantic thoughts towards you. 

To put it simply, your gender kind of sucks sometimes. 

No offense. 

Mostly I just wish you wouldn't be so bloody confusing. 

And I know, I know, you'll all just say we're the confusing ones, which we can be, I'll be honest. But most the time, it's all you. 

Y'all are just so hard to read. Things are going splendidly all evening, all signs pointing in good directions, then, nothing

What gives dudes? 

Enough of this whole leading us on thing.

I can't handle the games anymore.
Especially the ones that last for four years. 

But really.
I quit.


Mr. Right, where are you?

Apparently I "just haven't met you yet," because any time I hear anyone's successful happily ever after story, there aren't any games. There aren't any questions. Supposedly you just know or whatever. 

Well I don't know anything yet, so that's that. 
I wish I was better with  the whole patience virtue... 

And now I'm going to go to bed.
I'm going to fall asleep to the greatest love songs out there.

Wishing they were being sung to/about me.
(or maybe I should focus on the not-so-loving songs?)

Love... (maybe... not quite there yet),

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  1. You totally nailed it with the "there aren't any games"!! There might be questions. I had plenty of questions myself. But if time and time again, he's not making an effort to make YOU happy, do you really think he could ever make you happy in the long again? If all you feel is confused now, do you think that one day you're going to wake up and it will all be different? Remember how things clicked with Tanner, and it just worked? THAT'S the feeling your looking for. Hold out for that, because anything else isn't worth your time.


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