Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Letter

I'm in love with THIS blog.
It's simple, it's sweet, and we have the same name. (she just spells hers different).
She's beautiful, as is her writing.

Every once in awhile she posts quick letters to her future husband, whoever/wherever he may be.
She informs him of things he should know about her.
Things that may seem quirky, but make her great.
I love it.

So here is the first of my letters to my Mr. Right.

Dear husband-to-be,

 you should know...

I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube.

I will melt when you call me Meg. Not many people can get away with that.

I love the 4th of July and my birthday the very most. 
However, I hate Valentine's Day. I really don't want to celebrate it. Instead, surprise me on another random night and let's celebrate then instead.

I want you to pick my ring.
I'll drop some hints about things I like, but I think our relationship should be at the point where you know me well enough to know what I love. 
We can talk about it, but I don't want to know when the proposal is coming. 
I want it to be a complete surprise.

I am a night owl. I would rather stay up til 3 than wake up at 7.

Want to make my day? Bring me a fountain Diet Coke (or Dr. Pepper). 
It's as simple as that.

I will never get tired of watching You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle.
I hope you're ok with that.

I love old movies and musicals.

I love you, but will need my space.
I want you to have yours as well.
Make sure we have our time apart, doing our own things we love.

Make sure we have the same friends, but keep our own as well.
This will only bring us closer.

Dress up.
It's sexy.

On the flip-side, I also think the post-basketball (or whatever), sweaty, messy you is also sexy.

Sing to me. Even if you can't.
Same thing applies with dancing.

Promise me we'll have a weekly date night.
They don't have to be elaborate though, just time together.
Take me to the temple often. Have prayer and scripture study with me and our eventual kidlets.

I often wonder about who you are... Where you are...
Do I already know you?
Or are you far away from me?

When will you come into my life?

Love, always and forever,


  1. LOVE. I will be recreating my own :) you rock missy.

  2. "dress up.
    it's sexy."

    AMEN, sister!!!

    i adore your letter--i agree with so much. i want him to pick the ring, for the proposal to be a surprise. oh man, i totally get it!!

    what a great first letter to your mister right!

  3. what a lovely letter.. and the thing about weekly date-nights and space. that is soooo true!


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