Monday, December 27, 2010

Reminiscence Part 3

No picture for this one... But a big part of my reminiscence comes from some of the clothes remaining in my closet.

Some, like a few pair of jeans and my madrigals dress from high school, fit better now than they did then.

One outfit that remains on the old hangers is my uniform from Central Singers.
9th grade was legit.

We were the rulers of the school.
We all thought we were so cool.
I was involved in a wide range of things...
choir, National Academic League & Geography Olympiad, and I "ran" track.
ok, let's be honest, we all did track solely for the social life that came along with it. 

I got good grades, and was close with my teachers.
Junior High was the years of Ms. Bullock and Mr. Hunt.
They were my math teachers, my gym teachers and coaches, and my mentors.
They made things we didn't normally like fun and interesting. 

I had some incredible friends.
Our group was together all the time.
We were practically inseparable. 

Then I moved. 

But this is where one of the whole "blessings in disguise" thing came along. 
Once high school started, our little group ended up kind of dissolving.
Drama got in the way of things and split everyone apart.
To this day, a lot of them won't even talk to each other. 

However, I am still close with each one of them.
Because I wasn't there, I wasn't involved in the drama.
I didn't fight with anyone, in fact, we just got closer. 

The boys will be coming home from their missions soon
(and Brad will be up in Logan!!) 
and I can't wait to reconnect with them. 

These were also the years spent at scout camp.
As much as I resisted it at first, I ended up loving it.
For the most part.

I really didn't love being the boss' kids.
I loved being up there with my family and spending that time with them,
but there was always some level of scrutiny that came with it.
I was always under a more careful watch from all sides of it than everyone else.

But overall, it was an incredible experience.
Yet another family.

8th and 9th grade were kind of awesome. 

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  1. Now help your brother realize the opportunity that a new Scout Camp/ high adventure base would be for him.


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