Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Beautiful Thing

You know what's great?
Having a new car.

First of all, I LOVE having a stick shift again.
Even in just a little Scion, I feel like a racecar driver, which is the greatest thing.

The night I drove it back from Logan was one of the most glorious things.
I got on the freeway and, being used to it taking 500 years to get to freeway speed, it blew my mind when all of a sudden there I was at 80 miles an hour!
You guys, cruise control. Let's just talk about how great that makes a three-hour drive.
My old car had it, but it (naturally) didn't work.

By the time I hit the canyon, I was in Heaven.
I had accepted my role as the person everyone gets mad at for going so slow up the hills.
But guess what? This little baby just goes up them like it's nothing!
It's not even hard!

The turn signals work.
The stereo turns on and off with. the. car.
I have a clicker thing to lock and unlock with. No more frozen locks!
It gets warm inside before I reach my destination.

The gas mileage. Oh, the gas mileage.
On average, around town type of driving, my Montero got about 10 miles per gallon.
(yes, I realize how terrible that is.)
It used to take me almost a full tank of gas to get to my parents' house.
Well the trip with this one didn't even take half a tank. It's been a week and I still haven't hit the quarter mark.

In case you can't tell, my old car was... special.

I'm in love!

Now, we're still stuck in the predicament of a name for my car.
I've spent a week with her now, and these are the few I've narrowed it down to.
Vote! What do we think?

Viola - you know, from She's the Man and Twelth Night
Nike - the Greek goddess of victory
Hera - queen of the heavens, wife of Zeus
Sasha - i.e. 'Sasha the Scion' alliteration is always good...

This isn't a conclusive list, so if you have other ideas shoot them my way!


  1. Out of that list my vote is definitely Viola. What a perfect name. Wish I had thought of that 6 years ago when I got my car. Bummer.

  2. I thought girls named their cars boy names?!


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