Saturday, February 23, 2013

Growing Up

I'm sitting in a gym in Denver, waiting for a meet to start.

Yesterday came with a strange realization.
I'm like, a real grown-up now.
(Did you have to read that twice? Because I sure did.)

Yesterday, I bought a car.
Would you like to meet her?

Isn't she pretty? 
Naturally, she had to be Aggie-fied... 

Now all she needs is a name!
I can't imagine having to name a child, where the name actually matters and stuff. 
Such a stressful decision! 
Let me know if you have any suggestions please!

I've had her since Monday, but went and signed my life away at the credit union yesterday. 

Afterward, I booked it to the parking lot where we were meeting to leave for the airport. 
I went from buying a car to going on another "business trip."
(because supposedly this is work, but it's also the greatest thing ever.)

Only real grown-ups do those sort of things, right? 
When did that happen?
The scary (err... exciting?) thing is all the things that must be coming up next. 


  1. congrats! new cars are always exciting. :)


  2. Does it kind of make you want to throw up? Not in the "ew, gross" way, but more like you just get so instantly overwhelmed by thinking about how long it's been since you graduated, and what's next in your life, and do I get a career? how much do I focus on a career? when will I get married? Insurance? I have to worry about insurance? And phone bills, and medical bills, and I'm genuinely getting older, but I'm not that old... but I am.
    My head is spinning.


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